Benjy’s Transformative New Relationship

November 29, 2007

Ivy Supersonic called in to say she didn’t care what Lisa G thought, and while she was explaining why wanted to send Gary a bag of rice, she let it slip that “we” (she and Benjy) don’t eat carbs. Artie laughed at Ivy’s use of the word “we” in reference to their diet, noting that “she really takes over.” Ivy then rambled about a number of subjects; Benjy’s un-Jewish-looking teeth, the unseemly photos of herself and Benjy on, and how the next girl to date Benjy owes her “big time.” Ivy complained that Benjy likes to use non-latex condoms, so Benjy confessed that Ivy was being honest and noted that the condoms aren’t guaranteed to prevent STDs or pregnancy. Ivy said she didn’t want to be a condom guinea pig, but Benjy insisted that they felt good. After the crew told Benjy to use his head, he promised to go to the drugstore today and purchase some “real” condoms.