The Terrestrial Trials of Christmas Past

November 29, 2007

Howard told a story about shooting a commercial with Imus back in the WNBC days, noting that Imus would only come on set if he was given a Rolex. Gary remarked that management actually ended up giving Imus the Rolex, and Artie remembered actually seeing the spot on TV. Howard then claimed the director filmed him from a seated position (and behind a desk) because he was “heavy” at the time.

Gary then asked Howard what his greatest radio victory was, so Howard cited the time when he went to number 1 in LA. Gary agreed, saying Howard’s rise to number 1 was so swift, it was like a “brush fire just came through” and razed everyone else. Howard made fun of the former “celebrity” status of Mark & Brian, who were his main “competition” on the West coast at the time, and Robin laughed that one of them had even dated Paula Abdul.