Dave Attell is ‘Captain Miserable’

Comedian visits to promote new stand-up special

December 5, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Dave Attell stopped by to promote his new comedy special, “Captain Miserable,” and told the crew that he was a big fan of George Takei (which didn’t prevent him from mispronouncing George’s last name). Dave added that he was a huge “Star Trek” fan, but – unfortunately for George – he was also a big William Shatner fan.

Howard asked Dave if he was a part of the writers’ strike and Dave admitted he was, though he claimed to have messed up every writer’s gig he’s ever had (including “Saturday Night Live”).

Dave told the crew about the difference between writers’ strike picket lines in New York, where the scene is a “Valley Forge-ish Jew fest,” and L.A., where everyone’s assistant brings them food and lattes. Dave also told a story about the USO tour he made in Iraq, remarking that Baghdad was a “dumpy” town, and suggested that Howard turn “The Miss Howard Stern Show” into a mission-based, “Charlie’s Angels”-type show.

Howard asked who Dave worked with on “Saturday Night Live,” so Dave listed Sarah Silverman, Jay Mohr, and Chris Rock. Howard wondered if Dave was sleeping with Sarah at the time (Dave and Sarah dated for four years), but Dave insisted they “kept it professional” when they were working at the show. Dave then admitted that having a new comedy special was a mixed blessing, as he now has to come up with all-new material for his road gigs.