Eric’s Fabulist (and Isaac’s Fabulous) Script

December 6, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Eric the Midget called in to ask George a question about “Heroes,” but Howard refused to let him, as he’s yet to see the most recent episode. Howard told Eric to stop watching “Heroes” and get to work on his screenplay, so Eric retorted that he’d already turned in six pages. Artie then read a portion of the script, saying that Eric straight-up copied the “Charlie’s Angels” concept and didn’t seem to include much dialog. Artie then read some of the dialog that Eric did include, noting that the lines were blatantly plagiarized. Howard told Eric that he couldn’t produce the script, as he didn’t want to get sued, and Artie asked Eric if he would like to play “Guess that Sound?” Eric listened correctly guessed that the tearing sound he was hearing was Artie ripping up his script. Artie then told Howard that, unlike Eric’s, Isaac’s script was actually quite good – especially the dialog.