Scott Salem Bombs Cleveland

December 10, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard played some clips of Artie, Richard, and Scott the Engineer performing in Cleveland on Friday. Artie laughed that Richard got booed off the stage – and true to his account, the crowd could be heard going nuts in each of the clips. Scott also bombed, so he came into the studio to claim the whole act was a “goof.” Artie suggested that Scott never try comedy again, and everyone – including Scott – seemed to agree. Howard laughed that Scott’s dreams of success and adulation were what made him so great on the show, and Artie revealed that Scott was paid very well for his set. Gary came in to say that Richard got so drunk on the flight to the gig, he started fondling a fellow traveler’s beard. Richard admitted that, since he can’t control himself when HowardTV cameras are filming, he also licked the guy’s beard – and hip-replacement scar.