Does 50 Cent Designate Oral Areas?

September 13, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

50 Cent stopped by to promote his new record and reported that he was also selling the Connecticut mansion he bought from Mike Tyson, as he doesn’t get to spend enough time there. Howard asked 50 if his friends ever tried to stay at the house after a party, and 50 admitted it sometimes happened. Robin wondered if there was a designated “blowjob area” in the house, so 50 explained that he would never limit oral sex to just one area of his home. Howard asked 50 if, like Kanye West, he was annoyed by the VMAs. 50 admitted he was miffed that MTV only showed “a minute and twenty seconds” of his performance. Howard told 50 he loved the video for “21 Questions” and said he would’ve tried to bang Megan Good, 50’s co-star in the video. 50 didn’t take the bait and refused comment. Howard speculated that 50’s “move” was to approach a chick about collaborating.

50 told the crew that Eminem still gets a share his profits through his next record, but they were “straight,” as he’d rather have the money go to Em than anyone else. Howard asked 50 if he was going to quit the music business – as he claimed he would – should Kanye West’s new album outsell his, so 50 confessed that the rivalry was just to promote records. Howard told 50 that he must’ve banged Paris Hilton at the post-VMA party they were photographed together at, but again, 50 denied it.

50 did admit that he smashed a flat-screen television and threw his Blackberry out the window of his record company during a meeting with some record company execs because he didn’t feel they shared his passion for his new album. Howard asked 50 if he had “his Jews” take care of the damage control, so 50 admitted that “the people who handle [his] business” took care of it. Howard then played his new single, “Ayo Technology.”

Million Dollar Water

Howard wondered how much 50 has profited off the sale of Vitamin Water, but 50 explained that he couldn’t say as he had signed a non-disclosure agreement. However, he did admit he took a vacation after finding out the company was sold to Coca Cola for $4 Billion. 50 said he was dealing with “a lot of negative energy” now because of the massive success he’s achieved in four years. 50 noted that wanted get back to doing “regular things,” and joked that he wished he could “shoot someone one more time,” so Howard told him to be careful. Howard asked 50 if he ever performed oral sex on women, and 50 answered he was “selective” but also a “pornstar.” 50 also claimed he sometimes focused on ESPN to keep from finishing too fast. A caller asked if 50 was at war with Cam’ron, so 50 said he hadn’t heard from Cam since he talked trash on Hot97. King of all Blacks then called in to say that 50 was “the man” because he wasn’t into all that “positive shit” like Kanye.

50 Won’t Adopt or Toss Salad

50 Cent told Howard about meeting Madonna, so Howard asked him how he felt about Madonna adopting a black baby. 50 felt “going to different places and picking up babies was weird.” Robin asked if 50 were offended by the practice, but 50 claimed said no; he just didn’t understand it. So Robin suggested that 50 go to Switzerland to adopt a blonde white boy in contrast to the children adopted by Madonna and Angelina. Howard asked 50 if he’d ever tossed a woman’s salad, and 50 said he hadn’t, but the rest of the crew (including Artie, Benjy, and Gary) admitted that they had.