Stephen Baldwin is a ‘Flipped-Out Freak For Jesus’

January 3, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Stephen Baldwin called in to promote his upcoming appearance on Celebrity Apprentice and said it was a “blessing” to hear the crew’s voices again. Howard asked Stephen if he was still crazy religious, so Stephen explained he was in fact a “flipped-out freak for Jesus.”

Howard reminisced about the bachelor party he had for Stephen back in the day, but Stephen countered that he usually recalls the story in his “testimony” about “the guy I used to be.”

Stephen told the crew that he prays for Tom Cruise because Scientology is not as positive as Christianity, but Howard thought both faiths offered the same thing – that is to say, not much. Howard and Robin then questioned why Stephen was involved in “Celebrity Apprentice” when he didn’t really need the exposure, and Stephen explained that he had consciously chosen not to pursue more lucrative opportunities because of his faith.

Stephen mentioned the new “billion dollar” family-friendly venture he was involved with, but Howard wasn’t very interested, choosing to ask instead about Stephen’s opinion of gay marriage.

Under repeated questioning, Stephen said he’d deny gay people the right and admitted that he supported Mike Huckabee. Howard then asked Stephen what he thought about masturbation, so Stephen explained that he approved of it if you were thinking of wife.