The World’s Ugliest Video Feed

January 8, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Eric the Midget called in as he was broadcasting himself via webcam, so Howard tuned in to Eric’s video feed. Howard thought Eric’s hand looked weird and wondered if it was fused shut, but Eric held up his hand and showed the crew that he could partially open it. Eric then told the crew about his trip to the Killers of Comedy show, leading Howard and Ralph to say Eric was nearly as boring as Pat Robertson’s conversation with God. The crew began taking apart Eric’s appearance, noting his scaly skin, graying, dyed hair, messed up teeth, and the “big red blotch” on his forehead. Artie announced that anyone who feels ugly should tune into Eric’s video feed, as it’ll make them feel better. Howard asked Eric to turn the camera toward his bed (the one he pleasures himself into), but Eric refused, saying it was “dirty” and unmade.