More Details From Quiver-Tine’s Weekend in Boston

Robin Quivers introduces Jim Florentine to her nephew while in New England

January 15, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard asked Robin if she was “serious” about Jim Florentine, as he was “pretty sure” they’d become intimate. Robin said she liked Jim a lot, but they weren’t yet as serious as she had been with Mister X. Howard wondered if Jim met Robin’s nephew when they were in Boston, and Robin admitted that he had. Artie asked what Jim had to say to a kid who studies rocket science, so Robin noted that they talked about sports and got along “fine.” Under further questioning, Robin revealed that she and Jim also shared a hotel room while they were in Boston, which led to a flurry of jokes. In reference to Robin’s coffee enemas, Fred – as “Jim” – joked that his balls now smelled like a latte. Howard remarked that he’d be having dinner with Robin and Jim sometime soon, and couldn’t wait to see their love in person. Robin just laughed that Howard was being ridiculous.