Crap In the Box

January 30, 2008

Howard got his mom, Ray, on the phone to discuss the time he had to shit in a box in front of her to see if he had pinworms. Ray said it happened when Howard was “very little, in kindergarten or first grade” and she eventually investigated because Howard was scratching himself all the time. Ray then insisted that she never actually made Howard go in a box – she went into his room with a flashlight when he was asleep and looked into his asshole to see them.

Howard asked his mother if he might’ve had to go in a box to see if the anti-pinworm medication worked, but she became very defensive and said she didn’t remember. Ray did admit that the whole family had to take the medication and sterilize everything; sheets, luggage, and clothing. Howard wondered if it was weird that his mother would investigate his asshole while he was sleeping, but Robin thought Ray’s intentions were innocent.