Dee Snider’s Gone Country

February 5, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Dee Snider called in to discuss “Gone Country,” the new CMT reality show about celebrities attempting to record a country song. Howard asked Dee if he knew that his two hits would be as big as they were, and Dee simply replied “Yes.” Howard told the crew that Dee nearly beat up Bobby Brown, one of his “Gone Country” co-stars, on stage, and Dee explained he snapped after Bobby unexpectedly began rapping over a live performance of “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” Dee told the crew that he loved to drink coffee, sometimes as much as six cups a day, and claimed he becomes irritable when he doesn’t get regular coffee breaks. Howard asked if Dee was still in contact with any of his “Gone Country” co-stars, like Bobby, Sisqo, or Carnie Wilson, but Dee replied that he didn’t connect with any of them; his calls go straight to voicemail. Howard then discussed Dee’s upcoming benefit concert for the victims of the Station Night Club fire and their families.