The Staff’s Valentine’s Day Plans

Howard, Artie, and Fred reveal their plans for the holiday.

February 5, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

A caller asked Howard what he was doing for Valentine’s Day, but Howard reported he wasn’t sure yet – he kind of blew his load last year by proposing to Beth. Howard added that Beth spent all day yesterday planning the wedding. The caller then asked Fred what he’d planned for the big day, and Fred bragged that he’s never given an extravagant Valentine’s gift, so he can usually get away with just flowers and candy. Another caller wondered if Artie talked with Dana last night, and Artie admitted that they talked again and things were “a little more civil” this time. Artie said Dana still thinks they have a “huge mountain” to overcome, and Howard agreed with her, saying Dana has a legitimate point. Howard told Artie that if he really loved Dana, he’d go see a shrink, but Artie complained that he didn’t want to pay someone just to listen to him bitch and moan.