Benjy’s Shtick-y Security Risk

February 6, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard said the building management has filed a complaint against Benjy, because he runs through the lobby every morning . Artie said Benjy’s running-through-the-lobby-because-I’m-late shtick is the most annoying “piece” in his repertoire. Ronnie came in to explain that Benjy forgot his ID today but ran through security anyway, hurdling the turnstile in the process. Howard remarked that he couldn’t believe that Benjy hurdled the turnstile. Gary came in to say he heard Benjy coming down the hall long before he was visible, like a herd of elephants. Gary laughed that Benjy now just shouts his breakfast order as he runs into the studio, so an intern has to get the special (and ever-changing) order at 6am every morning. Howard then declared that Benjy was no longer allowed to make special orders in the morning – from now on, he must have a standing order – and must bring his ID.