Don’t Tag Our Interns

February 11, 2008

Howard laughed that Erica, one of the interns wore a miniskirt today, and everyone thought it was because Dave was coming in. The intern in question came in to explain that she “just loves fashion,” and Dave asked her why she gave him an “ice-woman vibe” earlier. The intern said she didn’t want to get in trouble from Ronnie the Limo Driver for being unprofessional. Dave told the intern she was “adorable,” leading Artie to defend his territory; “Don’t come in here and start tagging our interns!”

Later, Gary reported that some of the staff saw Dave and the intern making out in the kitchen. The intern came in to defend herself, reporting that Dave cornered her and asked if she wanted to make out, but she turned him down. Dave then called in to dispute her version of the story, saying, “There were fireworks in the air,” but Howard cut Dave off before he could give any details.