Back to Abusing Eric the Midget

February 12, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Eric the Midget called in to promote his American Idol commentary webcast, saying he would be following each show this week with an online Q&A. JD came in to laugh that Eric gets really annoyed when people ask questions whose answers Eric thinks are “common knowledge.” Eric complained that he wasn’t being treated as well as he was on Thursday’s show, so Ralph called in to ask if Eric expected to have his ass kissed every time he called in. Howard said he didn’t think Kendra, Eric’s “girlfriend,” had good intentions, so he was thinking about trying to hook Eric up with a “real” woman. Howard asked Eric if he could be with a girl who was missing a limb, and Eric thought that’d be fine. Eric added that he didn’t think the idea was any good – but he changed his tune when the crew said another woman could send a jealous Kendra straight into his arms. Howard told Eric he would wait until his birthday (March 11th), and if Kendra still hasn’t visited him, then the he would begin the search.