Happy Valentine’s Day, Eric and Kendra

Wack Packer sings “Wild Thing” for his girlfriend

February 14, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

As a special Valentine’s Day treat Howard got Eric the Midget and his “girlfriend,” Kendra on the line and after a quick exchange between Kendra and Eric, Robin said she believed they were in a relationship. Howard and Artie laughed that Robin was delusional, and Howard asked Kendra if he could look for a “real” girlfriend for Eric. Kendra doubted that another girl could make Eric as happy as she does – and then agreed to take Jimmy Kimmel up on his offer to pay for her visit Eric.

Robin asked Kendra what she was looking for in their relationship, and Kendra replied that “it takes time.” Gary wondered if Kendra would describe her last boyfriend, but Kendra shot back, “Who says it was a guy?” Kendra added that she couldn’t wait to kiss Eric (“On the lips!”), leading everyone to note that Eric had a huge smile on his face (HowardTV had brought up his webcam on the in-studio monitors).

Howard told Kendra that Eric had recorded a special Valentine’s gift for her – and then played Eric singing “Wild Thing.” Kendra said she was “touched.” Eric then claimed the song was only a “demo,” as he’s planning to record a studio version soon. Kendra also demonstrated her commitment, asking Howard to delete all the emails he’d received from women who wanted to replace her as Eric’s girlfriend. Gary joked that that wouldn’t be necessary; the show hasn’t gotten a single email.