Eric the Midget Goes to the Mattress

February 26, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard said he was really creeped out by the video footage that’s been released of Eric the Midget and his “girlfriend,” Kendra. Eric called in to say the relationship wasn’t a sham, but Howard shot back that it was never consummated. Eric claimed Howard needed to get his mind out of the gutter; “There are couples that make it all the way to their wedding night before having sex.” Howard continued to challenge Eric’s claims, until the little guy eventually hung up. Eric called back later to say he hadn’t really broken up with Kendra, it was “faked” to get the show “off her back.” The crew thought yesterday’s scam established Eric’s track record of deception, so Eric countered that he and Kendra were “in on the breakup scam” but were, in fact, still a couple. Howard said Eric should change his name to “Eric the Liar,” but Eric insisted he hadn’t been lying – he was “acting.” Howard then asked Eric about yesterday, when he swore on his mother’s life that he was telling the truth, so Eric admitted he had made a mistake.