Artie’s the Star of the Family

February 28, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Artie told the crew about attending his Grandma Caprio’s funeral, saying he didn’t give a eulogy, but did get up to tell a few stories. Howard said he knew what it was like to be the star of the family, as it was always assumed that he would speak at his nieces’ bat mitzvahs – which, even though he loves his nieces, he thought was an unfair burden, as he doesn’t like to make speeches, but he would do anything for them. Howard asked if Dana came to the funeral, so Artie admitted that she did not, but she did come to the wake. Howard and Robin laughed about Artie’s typically-Italian funeral behavior (as last exhibited at Gary’s father’s funeral), but Howard noted that he identified with Artie’s rituals, as his education in a conservative Yeshiva has left him with detailed knowledge of what to do during Jewish services.