The $5 Million Tape

February 28, 2008

Gennifer Flowers called in to discuss the auction she’s holding for tapes of private conversations she had with Bill Clinton back in the 80’s. Howard’s first question was: Why now? Gennifer explained that she’s received many offers over the years, but the most recent one was $5 million, which would help. Howard wondered if Gennifer had really – as Bill claims – only had sex with Bill once, but Gennifer said Bill’s claim was “absurd.”

Howard and Robin asked Gennifer if she simply just had oral sex with Bill during their other encounters (since Bill has gone on record as saying oral is not sex), and Gennifer admitted that a lot of their rendezvous resulted in oral…but definitely not all. Howard read some claims Gennifer made in Penthouse; Bill was a “9” as a lover and loved to give her oral for long periods of time. Gennifer said all the stories were true, speculating that Bill loved to give oral because he wasn’t well endowed.

Howard asked Gennifer why she made the tapes in the first place, and Gennifer explained she made them in case she ever needed leverage, since people told her that if Bill ran for president, she could be a “liability” and – possibly – be in danger. Gennifer added that she felt guilty for making the tapes, but now she needs the money.