Are You the Next Blackzilla?

March 13, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard got BD, the producer of the “Blackzilla” porn series, on the phone to discuss his search for the next Blackzilla. BD explained that the old Blackzilla, Shane Diesel, had stopped starring in porn (now he only directs), so now he’s searching for another black guy with “the thickest cock in the business.” Robin wondered if any female porn stars ever had a problem handling such a large penis, but BD protested; “Not the little white girls.” Howard played some clips of one of the “little white girls” saying the n-word in the middle of a “Blackzilla” scene and asked BD if getting the girls to say the n-word was an integral part of a typical “Blackzilla” scene. BD said “I believe so” and then told Howard about his plan: all the entrants will have to have sex with a porn star, and then the 3 finalists will come on Howard’s show for the crowning of the next “Blackzilla.”