Meet Stacy, Robin’s New Assistant

March 18, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard revealed that Robin had a new assistant who’s been running around the studio lately and “it’s been great,” however, Robin hadn’t introduced her to anyone. Recently she presented Gary with a note from Robin, and he had no idea who she was. Gary laughed that Robin’s assistant is almost as weird as some of her other past assistants; she wears earmuffs indoors and almost got tackled when she walked into the studio the other day, as no one knew who she was. Robin said her assistant’s name is Stacy, and she’d be meeting people as necessary; “The hardest thing in the world is meeting 50 people at once. You never remember names.” Howard asked if Stacy has to buy the coffee for Robin’s enemas, but Robin denied it; “She does things that an assistant does.” Howard replied that his executive assistant, Laura, buys his condoms and baby wipes, but Robin said she wouldn’t go that far.