Magic Matt Alan Has a Couch For Sale

March 19, 2008

Sirius 70s DJ, Magic Matt Alan called in, so Howard asked if he could ever get a job as an announcer/music DJ like he was. Matt said yes: after all these years, Howard had managed to nail down the technique. Matt then humored Howard and showed the crew how they were supposed to talk-up a song on WNBC and hit the post like a pro. Howard and Matt had a little bit of a post-off, but Matt’s efforts were hindered by having listen to his song’s intro over the phone.

Howard asked about Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show” couch (and table), which Matt is auctioning off on EBay, so Matt told the crew that he originally bought them for $6,000 – and was such a Carson fan, he would have paid $15,000. Matt said you can even still see where it’s stamped “The Tonight Show.” Howard then noted that the couch showcased the underside of Carson’s late night reign: Johnny ruined a lot of comedian’s careers by not asking them to take a seat on that couch.