Did You Catch the Surprise?

April 1, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard started off the show celebrating the success of last night’s impromptu ISDN test show. Howard explained that the staff all got on the ISDN lines in their homes, and everyone (except for Robin, who had just moved and did not have on installed) talked live on the air for a little bit. Howard added that the show was just a surprise test of the emergency procedures that Sirius wants the show to use in case there’s a disaster and the show has to broadcast remotely. Howard said that the show went so well, Ralph would now be a permanent part of the show via ISDN, leading Artie to laugh that this was the listeners’ worst nightmare. Howard said Ralph would now be able to pop on whenever he wants to add his always-controversial comments. True to form, Ralph complained that he had to get out of bed to get to his ISDN set-up; “Maybe there’s some sort of handheld device I can get.” Ralph then admitted that the technology was great, but he still wouldn’t wake up early to take advantage; “I’m excited for the first day, but by tomorrow I won’t be coming on ’til 9:30.”