George’s Fuzzy Boundaries

April 2, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard started off the show asking George Takei about the last time he received anal sex, and George confessed that it has been more than two decades ago – mainly because it gave him severe hemorrhoids. George added that he and Brad have made up for the lack of that kind of sex by doing “many different things” instead, which was partly why they missed the “favorite sex position” during yesterday’s Newly-weird Game; “He picked one thing and I picked another.” George then told the crew that the show was getting in the way of his sex life. He recently flirted with a cute waiter at a dinner party, but the guy turned him down; “I listen to the Howard Stern Show and know what a beautiful relationship you have with Brad.” Howard said the story helped him understand why Brad has to keep an eye on George, but George insisted that he would never take the flirtation past having a cup of coffee with anyone.