Eric the Actor Reveals What He Will and Will Not Do on Camera

April 9, 2008
Photo: iStock

Eric the Actor called in leading Gary Dell’Abate and Jason Kaplan to confront him about his propensity for eating his boogers while on his webcam.

Eric denied it. “I don’t do that on cam,” he said.

Howard laughed at Eric’s use of the word “cam” and suggested that Eric vary his on-“cam” activities, like lighting himself on fire, taking a shower, or cleaning his ears.

Eric said he already had plans to make some phone calls and watch “American Idol” today and tonight, so Howard and Robin wondered if he’d maybe just have a meal in front of his “cam.” Eric flatly denied their request. “I don’t eat on cam,” he said.

Howard then brainstormed some more ideas for Eric, such as riding a dog like a pony or shaving his weird beard.