This is Artie’s Last Chance

April 21, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard explained that he killed the replay and HowardTV’s rebroadcast of Artie’s blow-up because he “was really scared for Artie. I was scared for Teddy. A lot people say it was fake, that we staged it all. People say I jumped the shark and I guess I have. I didn’t know if Artie was going to go out and kill himself or kill someone…I said, ‘God forbid we replay this, and it drives him over the edge.'” Howard said the HowardTV broadcast was up to Artie, and Artie said he was fine with it: “I wanna see it. I wanna see my eyes.” Howard confessed that he couldn’t watch the tape: “I really was worried about you. I really didn’t know what condition Artie was in.” Robin and Howard agreed that Artie didn’t have another chance to mess up, and Artie consented, saying that his doctor has recommended a health retreat: “If I have a heart attack on the air…nobody wants that…I think.”