Greg Fitzsimmons Cleans Up

April 24, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Greg Fitzsimmons stopped by to complain about the mood Steve Langford created by reporting on Kenneth Keith’s death: “I’m coming in to plug my gig at the Columbus Funnybone…and Langford comes in here crying like he’s on ‘The View’…what does it take to be a wackpacker? They die. That’s what they do.” Howard apologized for the dour mood, and Greg accepted, noting that he’s been pre-empted before: E! once cut him off when the news broke about Britney Spears’ marriage. Howard asked Greg if he had really just come out of a mid-life crisis, so Greg admitted that he treated substances like a sprinter, as opposed to Artie who would be a marathoner. Greg said he’d always battled depression, and after he turned 40, began smoking pot and popping Vicodin every day: “I quietly suffer.” Eventually, a couple of his comic friends pulled him aside and told him he needed to slow down: “For [the past] two months, I haven’t touched anything.”