Megan Fox is the Hottest Chick On the Planet

April 24, 2008

Howard got JR Futrell from FHM on the line to discuss the online mag’s 100 Sexiest Women list and told him he got number one right: “Megan Fox is the hottest chick on the planet.” Howard and Robin took issue with JR for not having a black chick in the top 10, as the highest ranking black chick, Rhianna, only came in at #14, and Fred argued that Natalie Portman should be on the list. JR explained that he wasn’t at fault: the choices were made by the editors and over 9 million online votes.

Howard thought that Ellen Page didn’t belong on the list (even at #60), but JR explained the position was due to a weird mass Lolita-complex. Ralph called in to repeat Fred and Howard’s assertion that Jessica Alba was hot, but not necessarily sexy: “She’s sexless.” Fred and Howard also wondered why an undeniably sexy woman like Angelina Jolie was left off the top ten and Britney Spears could still be on the list, even if she is #100.