Sal Qualifies For the NFL

April 28, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard noted that the Giants had drafted Mario Manningham, a wide receiver who scored an abnormally low 6 (out of 50) on the Wonderlic intelligence test, but the team’s officials claimed he’s a “great value.” Gary came in to explain that 10 points or more “suggests” that you’re literate, a score of 14 is usually the bare minimum for the NFL, and the average score of non-football players is 28. Given these parameters, Howard had Sal take an abbreviated version of the test in seclusion, but Sal was only able to answer the first 12 questions (out of 15) in the allotted time. Of those, he got 6 of the 2.5-point-value questions right, giving him a score of 15, which is the same as the average for warehouse workers.