The Return of Howard’s Womanizing Side

A trip to the "Iron Man" premiere brings it out of Howard.

April 29, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard also complained about Beth’s social calendar, noting that she got dolled up and went to the “Iron Man” premiere last night. Howard had suggested that he come along, but Beth wasn’t thrilled, and he found out why later when she came home two hours late (because she went to the after-party…on a whim). Howard said he wanted to go out and let women hit on him in retaliation – maybe even to Rick’s Cabaret – but when Robin questioned his sincerity, Howard buckled: “Not really. I’m just angry I didn’t get to see ‘Iron Man.'” Howard’s issues led him to wonder if he’ll be a good husband to Beth: “I believe I am a womanizer…By that I mean I can get into a frame of mind where I go into a feeding frenzy. I want every woman in the world to be in love with me…Beth makes it easy for me to drop all that bullshit.” Robin wondered what happened to Howard’s womanizing side, but Howard avoided the question, instead ribbing Robin about her statements on “The View” by claiming that his womanizing tendencies were part of a character.