Eric the Actor Wants to Flush This City

April 30, 2008

Eric the Actor called in, so Howard informed him that he’s approached Steve Guttenberg to co-star in Eric and Colin Quinn’s “Taxi Driver” remake. Eric was as close to pleased as he ever gets: “That sounds nice.”

Robin speculated that HowardTV would green-light the project’s budget faster if it featured nudity and asked Eric he’d consider disrobing, but Eric was characteristically resistant.

Eric then told Artie to stuff a cupcake in his mouth, as he was ready to rehearse: “Thank god for the rain…to clean the trash…off the street. I think some…one should…just flush…this city…down the toi…let.” Eric went on to claim he hadn’t made one demand for his film, but Fred disputed the statement, noting that Eric’s insisted the project not be filmed in June. Eric explained that he had a “meet and greet” to attend June – which, for some unexplained reason, blocked out his schedule for the entire month.