Marie Has No Job and An Ugly Husband

May 20, 2008

Marie, the “Hottest Wife, Ugliest Guy” contestant who was fired over her appearance on the show, called in to explain her situation: her superiors accused her of violating the “morality clause” in her teaching contract and forced her to resign. Marie said she’s using the money she won on the show to hire a lawyer and sue her former employer for wrongful dismissal. Howard felt so bad, he announced that he’d arranged a surprise for Marie – Noel from the company that sponsored the contest gave her another $5,000 to carry on the fight.

Howard said he didn’t understand why Marie’s superiors were upset, as there was no way her second grade students would have access to any of the show’s subscriber-only services. Marie agreed, and Howard said he hoped that Marie would stay in contact, as he wanted to hear how the situation played out. Marie laughed that things had to improve: there have been coaches in the area that have been accused of doing much worse things to students and even they were treated better.