Marlana, the Out-of-the-Box Intern

June 2, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Gary brought a girl into the studio and explained that he found her outside the building screaming that she wanted an internship with the show. Marlana said she was only 19-years-old and a recent graduate from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, which she thought would qualify her for the gig. Howard told Marlana that she was cute, but Sirius’ policy dictates that interns have to be currently enrolled in school and receiving credit for their time in order to qualify for an internship. Marlana revealed that she wanted to supplement her internship with her part-time job at another radio station, which confused Howard, as it seemed like a step back to go from a paying gig to a non-paying one. Marlana replied that she thought an “out of the box” approach to getting an internship would be best and planned her stalker-ish stunt for too long (two weeks) to just give it up. Howard said he admired Marlana dedication and thought she had at least earned the opportunity to speak with Tracey.