Ben Stern Weighs In on the Sirius XM Merger

Howard's father proves to be passionate about a lot of things

June 18, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard started off the show discussing the story of embattled abortion doctor George Tiller, and before too long, Howard’s dad Ben called in to repeat his son’s defense of late-term abortions: “Most times, they’re the result of medical problems.”

Howard agreed, noting that the tests that determine a fetus’ health and possible deformities can’t be performed until the fourth month of pregnancy – and the results don’t come back until the fifth, leaving expecting parents just a few short weeks to make a life-altering decision.

Ben also agreed with the gang about the impending Sirius/XM merger, noting that huge drug companies are allowed to merge without restriction. In the middle of his rant, Ben’s voice cut out.

After a brief period of confusion, Ben — and Howard’s mom, Rae — got back on the line to explain that he was using a “loudspeaker phone,” which amplifies the person at the other end (in this case, Howard and the gang) and Rae had accidentally knocked the phone’s plug out of the socket. Ben then continued his anti-FCC rant, saying that while lobbyists have lawmakers in their pockets, the merger still has a good chance.