Robin Disinvited From Howard’s Wedding

June 23, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Steve Langford reported that Howard was now planning to get married this summer in the Hamptons, and Howard confirmed the story. Robin asked if this was the real ceremony or the “big party” one. Howard said the real ceremony would be with the family, and the “big party” ceremony will be for their friends. Robin said she didn’t want to go to a fake wedding, just the real one: “I’m withdrawing my name…I don’t need to see Mark Consuelos make you go through fake vows.” Howard said he didn’t care and uninvited Robin: “Then you’re out.” Robin doubted that Howard was involved in the wedding’s plans at all, so Howard shot back that he was going to have a dinner of “a hundred or so” people “to say, ‘Hey, we’re married.'” Howard said the problem was inviting people from work, as inviting one means you have to invite the next guy and then the next guy and so on: “I don’t want a wedding with all these people! I want to have a dinner where I can be with my friends…but what can I do? I’ve got 500 people who all think they should be there.”