Not the ‘Real’ Gilbert Gottfried Stops By

June 25, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Gilbert Gottfried stopped by and Howard told him that, for once, he’d like to have a conversation with the “real” Gilbert.

Gilbert laughed that it would never happen. Howard then played a clip of Gilbert laughing at the death of Rodney Dangerfield and cited it as an example of the difficulty Gilbert has dealing with reality. Gilbert said he really wasn’t on the best of terms with Rodney anyway: Rodney once approached Gilbert before they got on a plane together and told him not to annoy him during the flight. Howard asked Gilbert if having a daughter had changed his opinion of women, but Gilbert said no: “You know how people say that every woman’s a C’ except for their mother? I don’t.”

Howard then took a call from a Fangoria magazine employee, who noted that Gilbert’s one the mag’s most loyal readers. Gilbert said the guy was right and admitted that he was a big fan of classic monsters and monster movies, like “The Wolfman.” The Fangoria guy said Gilbert was so cheap, he once came by the mag’s offices with an empty backpack so he could score a bunch of free back-issues.

Howard laughed that Gilbert’s frugality was infamous: Gilbert is always in search of freebies, so much so that he has boxes in his house filled with complimentary bottles of shampoo and conditioner from his hotel stays.

Gilbert admitted that he even has trouble buying toys for his daughter, because he knows she’d be just as happy playing with a crumpled piece of paper.