Eric the Midget Defends Gary

July 14, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Eric the Midget called in to defend Gary against a soldier who has claimed that Gary was rude to him in Afghanistan. Gary came in to explain that after the mortar attack, he called his family to tell them he was ok, and the guy approached him in the middle of talking to his wife. Gary added that put the call and hold and signed everything the guy wanted, but for some reason, the guy thought Gary had been short with him and posted a message about on SFN. Eric then told the crew that “more people than I could count” showed up to his “meet and greet” at a WNBA basketball game in Sacramento. When pressed further, he eventually admitted that the number was around 50.

Howard wondered if anyone bought tickets just to see Eric, but Eric couldn’t be sure, as the price for admission to the “meet and greet” included a ticket to the game. Later, Steve Langford reported that Eric didn’t even show up at the “meet and greet” until the last possible moment.