Romeo Blues Fuels Eric the Midget

July 17, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Eric the Midget called in to complain about Steve Langford covering his life so heavily, but Howard defended Langford, saying yesterday’s report about Eric’s SFN handle was hilarious. Howard also noted that Eric’s statements yesterday about Langford’s Canadian background upset a lot of emailers, but Eric didn’t seem to care, explaining that he wasn’t angry with Canada – he would tell Langford to back to whatever country he was from. Later, SFN kingpin, Mutt called in to confirm that Eric had posted under the handle Romeo Blues, and Eric shot back that he only used SFN as fuel to get pissed off. Howard asked why Eric wanted to get pissed off, so Eric confessed that it was for airtime – he knows Howard likes him better when he’s angry. Howard thought the idea of Eric posing as someone else to defend himself was beautifully sad, but Eric still refused to confirm or deny the story: Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t.