Blacklisted By ‘Deal or No Deal’

July 22, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

A guy named Doug Conroy called in to tell Howard how he was blacklisted by “Deal or No Deal,” explaining that he wrote 107 letters to the show in an effort to get his cancer-stricken friend an audition. Howard said he has one fan who writes the show four times a day, but the letters just get thrown out now. Doug claimed he was just trying to do a good thing, and Howard allowed that point – but took issue with writing any more than a few letters. Howard was not only amazed by the volume of letters Doug writes, but also the length: “Each one of these is 4 pages long…it’s the same thing over and over.” Howard asked if Doug was trying to get in his [female] friends’ pants, so Doug replied that he was not: “I’m a homosexual.” Artie thought Doug was just wasting time: “15 minutes [spent writing a letter] is 15 minutes you could spend ass-f’ing.” Doug replied that he was done writing letters.