Eric the Christmas Ornament

July 29, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Eric the Midget called in to ask a few questions about the merger, including which staff members would be fired first if there were budget cutbacks. Howard said none of the staff would go, because he would go with them: “That would break our deal…[and] I’ll tell you one thing about Mel, Eric: He’s not a dealbreaker.” Eric said he was hoping that Shuli and Steve Langford from the Howard100 News would be the first to go, but Howard replied that was not going to happen. HowardTV brought up Eric’s webcam feed on the in-studio monitors and Howard marveled at the giant zit on Eric’s chin.

Artie thought Eric’s green outfit and red zit made him look like a little Christmas ornament, so Eric shot back that Artie would never be a little anything. A caller thought that Eric deserved to be “dwarf-tossed” off a bridge, but Howard didn’t warm to the idea, instead he asked if Eric would bequeath his body to the show when he dies. Eric, as usual, refused to cooperate.