Sal’s Got a Theory

Sal speculates on his wedding invitation.

August 13, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Gary came in to tell Howard that Sal had just “floated a theory” that his invite to Howard’s wedding subtly belied Howard’s desire for “something weird” to happen at the event. Howard was freaked out by the theory: “Sal, you’re crazy. I’m taking away the invitation. You won’t be allowed in.” Sal refused to hear it, shouting over Howard, “Don’t say it! I can’t hear it! I’m taking my headphones off! I can’t hear you!” Gary then came in with an announcement: Beth had just sent him a one-line that read, “Please tell Sal to show some class and not show up to the wedding.” Sal said he felt bad for Howard, because he’s painted him into a corner where he must disinvite: “I apologize because I put you in a strange situation…I just went with a theory.” Howard replied that the wedding will be a big day for Beth, and he can’t allow Sal’s insanity to be present.