Who Would Howard Fire?

August 13, 2008

Bobo called in to ask if Howard could ever fire any of his staff, and Howard confessed that he could not: “There’s someone I’d like to fire, but I just can’t do it.” The studio got strangely quiet after Howard’s confession, so Howard took the opportunity to tell Robin and JD it wasn’t them. Howard also remarked that it wasn’t Sal or Richard – in fact, he’s considered making them “employee of the month” in the past – but they haven’t turned in much material lately.

Richard came in to explain that he hadn’t turned in his more recent prank calls because Howard still hasn’t played their last prank call (even though Howard supposedly liked it). Howard told Richard that the material belonged to the show, not Richard, and would be played at his discretion. Howard then broke down and played the call in question – and later, the new ones.