Meet Robin’s New Man

August 14, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

A 25-year-old kid named Mark stopped by to ask Robin out, and the crew remarked that he looked kind of like David Beckham. Robin thought he looked a little more like K.C. Armstrong. Mark showed that he wasn’t just handsome: he’d brought Robin some items from a vegan bakery. Howard asked Mark how old he thought Robin was, and Mark correctly answered that Robin was 56: “She looks even better in person.” Robin was pleased: “He says all the right things.”

Mark also said he had no problem having anal sex with Robin: “I can be very accommodating.” Howard asked Mark how many women he’d had sex with, and Mark claimed he didn’t keep track. Mark added that he wouldn’t be insulted by Robin’s refusal to swallow, as he loved big breasts: “Who doesn’t?” Artie wanted to know what Mark made for a living, and Mark proudly answered, “Close to six figures.” Mark then asked Robin out for a Vegan dinner, but Robin was evasive, telling him he could leave his number and she might call gim.