Wrestling Fixes Everything

August 21, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard started off the show asking George if he suffered any retribution for his actions during yesterday’s bachelor party, but George laughed that he’d been ordered not to talk about Brad’s reaction. George said Brad kept his promise not to listen – his downfall was Stern fans who emailed Brad with details of yesterday’s show. George added that Brad’s reaction was understandable, as he’s only experienced one penis for the last 25 years. Artie was confused: “Uh, me too.” George did admit that the argument lasted all afternoon long and ended with a wrestling match, so Howard speculated that yesterday’s show must’ve made Brad realize how sexually frustrated George was. George just said he tried to be honest and things more or less blew over. Fred then began playing a hilarious clip from George’s encounter with Jonah yesterday in which George whispers, “Actually, I like to touch.”