When He’s Awake, Ronnie is All Hands

September 8, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard laughed that Ronnie the Limo Driver recently hosted a stripper award show in Vegas, and from the looks of the pictures, “He’s always got his hands on somebody.” Ronnie came in to say he wasn’t trying to get hands-y with the ladies, but Howard didn’t want to hear it. Ronnie also claimed the award show was actually the “exotic dancer awards,” so Howard played a few clips of Ronnie’s kinda-sleazy lines and told him to chill out: “You’re not funny.” While Ronnie was in-studio, HowardTV revealed that they had a new original series documenting Ronnie’s daily life – including a lot of footage of Ronnie sleeping on the job.

Lisa G also claimed to have caught Ronnie “dead asleep” last week: “I didn’t want to say anything…I was kind of impressed. He must be having a wild life when he leaves here.” Robin was more freaked out by Ronnie’s attire than his behavior: “What is with those shirts? Yucko wouldn’t even wear that thing.”