Howard is Not Auctioning a Virgin

September 9, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard noted that the NY Daily News had picked up news of Dennis Hof’s appearance on today’s show, but they got the story all wrong: “I really want to tell Dennis to go home…I gotta get out of the Dennis Hof business.” Howard explained that he didn’t want to be involved in the auction for the virginity of Dennis Hof’s Bunny Ranch girls, he simply wanted to talk to them about how and why someone would do such a thing, and Dennis spun it like Howard was “kicking off” the auction. Howard told Gary to cancel Dennis and the girls’ appearance: “I’m only interviewing the girl…They’ve got it very different in the newspaper.” Gary came in to defend Dennis, saying he was just trying to get publicity for his appearance like anyone else would. After hearing that Dennis and the girls had already flown in and were on their way, Howard begrudgingly allowed Gary to keep the segment on the schedule.