Benjy Orders Some Schtick

September 15, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Gary came in to tell Howard that Benjy’s breakfast and lunch orders have been getting progressively crazier and now include energy shots and zinc tablets. Benjy disputed Gary’s claim, saying his order is usually the same. Jason came in to say Benjy’s orders are also often last-minute, and he’s had to take Benjy aside to talk to him about it. Benjy admitted Jason has asked him for a more consistent order, but Howard was getting irritated and began making a Benjy Food Order Rule. Benjy objected and began shouting about Jason’s mother and fiancée, saying he was going to retaliate by making things up about other people who work for the show. Howard shut off Benjy’s mic and demanded that he only be allowed one order in the morning and then another later in the show, both of which must be standing orders. Any changes to Benjy’s standing orders must be made through Jason the night before – Benjy can’t go directly to the interns.