Gary’s Eat-Candy-All-Morning Diet

September 17, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Lisa G reported that Gary has been replacing his dinners with protein shakes in an effort to lose weight, and Gary confirmed the story.

Howard said Gary’s had such a hard time with his weight that he won’t go get fitted for the custom suit Howard gave him for his birthday.

Gary then confessed that he has been fitted for the suit and plans on picking it up tomorrow: “The guy said if I lose weight he can take it in and if I gain weight he can let it out.”

Gary added that he’s given up caffeine and will soon be on a “cleanse”-type diet, so Howard told him to watch himself: “Your lips blew up…why are you bothering dieting?”

Gary said the “cleanse” wasn’t like one of Robin’s juice diets, just a diet without caffeine, sugar or alcohol. Gary reported that the caffeine and alcohol parts were easy to cut out, but he’s been eating candy all morning.