The Creep Show Continues

September 17, 2008

Artie called the next contestant, Hanzi, “a little Pakistani cherub,” and laughed maniacally at his appearance. Hanzi told the crew that he broke up with his last girlfriend (two years ago) “because her pussy stunk or whatever.” Hanzi said he briefly went to school to study “business” and now spends most of his time smoking pot. Robin asked why Hanzi had such a hard time with women, but Artie answered for him: “Robin, you can see him, can’t you?” Howard then turned to Ass-Napkin Ed and asked him why he was wearing a helmet. Ed mumbled something about it being a Harley helmet – and then explained to Brooke that he was called “Ass-Napkin Ed” because he keeps tissues in the crack of his leaky ass. Ed added that he keeps two buckets in his boarding house bedroom so he won’t have to leave to poo – and uses scented candles to cover the smell.