Blue Iris is Over the Top

September 23, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Blue Iris stopped by to promote her new movie, “Hardcore Circus,” and Howard laughed that everyone was saying Blue looked good but thought they probably meant that she simply looked alive. Blue told the crew she was no longer doing “old lady porn”: “They’re calling it ‘Over the Top’ porn now.” Blue said she recently gave Ron Jeremy a blowjob (“They’re just using me.”) in exchange for 2% on the net profits of a porn video, but she seemed unclear on what net meant. After a brief line of questioning, Howard explained that Blue had mistaken gross for net – which could be a big difference. Howard asked Blue if she still got wet for her nude male co-stars, and Blue claimed she did, adding that she didn’t, however, enjoy being nude herself: “I’m not an exhibitionist.” Blue also told the crew that she was planning to shoot a scene with a 21-year-old guy in November. Howard wasn’t sure Blue would live long enough to film the scene, but Blue replied that all her tests were normal. Blue added that 20 years of lithium use had left her with chronic kidney issues, but she’s been feeling fine.